Thank You Mrs. Murphy!

Learning in a 2.0 World
To show our appreciation for all that you do, our class has written a collaborative poem online.
Students in class added their thoughts to the line before them to create our poem...

Thank you for your never-ending patience and support.
Your willingness to learn,
For being a teacher and a leader.
Thanks! for being here
We will miss your hepfulness and kindness
Thank you for being there through thick and thin and helping us when we needed you most.
Thanks for everything you've done to help when we have had problems with our technology.
You've been there for us each day. Wether it is a computer problem or laptop trouble.
We've had tons of problems, and you've fixed them all
Thanks for your help, but new jobs are cool too
We will always know you as a hero for when we were having laptop trouble
When a computer freezes, your the one we know to call
No Technology would function without you
Thank you for helping and teaching us on the computer
We thank you for when something happens with our tecnoligy you are there to help.
Thank you for helping us when the computers stop working
Thank you for helping us when we could not log on
And thank you for helping us when we had some technical difficulties.
Thank you from us all

Mr. M's Class
March 2008